It is a tourist spot recommended for domestic travel.

It is a tourist spot recommended for domestic travel. That is Gumma Prefecture. Even day trips for people from the Kanto area OK! Of course it is good to relax for 12 nights. There are many hot springs in Gunma, such as Ikaho, Ten thousands, Kusatsu, Waterfront, etc. However, recommendation is a Sawadori Onsen. There is a big rehabilitation facility and a hospital famous also as a spa center, and spa therapy is under way. There seem to be a lot of people coming to try this spa therapy from various places. Recommended because it is cheap and put into a public bath when you want to enter a hot spring on the way back from camping. Because it is mountains, there are many nature, fishing, camping, mountain walking etc are also possible. It is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy nature slowly. I'm living secluded in the city so I am relieved to come to such a place. Try walking in the neighborhood, trying to cool down the souvenir shop, playing in the water park that made use of the river. Young people coming from the city may feel unsatisfactory because there are no flashy shops with drinks, shops with ladies or anything with such stimuli. But this ""Nothing"" should be good. After entering the hot spring, we sprinkle hot spring buns while looking at nature vaguely. You can taste plenty of ""luxury nothing"" and ""luxury not to do anything"".