I wish I could go to the south of the island somewhere .

I wish I could go to the south of the island somewhere ... and, if you are tired of the city life, you think that you think. So we recommend traveling to Amami. Among the southern islands, I think many people think Okinawa, but Amami entering Kagoshima Prefecture above Okinawa has lots of charm not in Okinawa. First, rich nature. In addition to mangroves, placid forests, exactly untouched nature are left intact. You can taste the overwhelming nature that you can not see in Okinawa, where development has ended. And, the relaxing air that is not touristic, is also the attraction of Amami. There are still few tourists, and if you leave the center, you can meet landscapes and people who think unexpectedly, such as an old woman walking along the way with a basket and a junior high school student driving a bicycle with one fishing rod. Speaking of Amami's specialty, ""chicken rice"" again. In the regional cuisine that was once offered to Satsuma officials, put chicken and eggs, pickles of papaya, shiitake mushrooms etc on rice and sprinkle plenty of chicken umami with osazuke sense. Chicken rice with Amami's gentle air is the best taste.