That's why my hometown

That's why my hometown ""Yamagata"" is okay, but I still live now ... Especially recently, there may be some people I have not noticed, but the popularity is quite obvious as it becomes the stage of the movie That's it. Shonai who is talking about in the departures ・ Yonezawa etc which is talked about in the period drama boom ... ・ ・ ・ I have not seen either yet, but I'm afraid not! I do not see this as a machine! Yamagata seems to be playing a movie now being released like Yamagata Scream! Well Yamagata is surrounded everywhere by rice paddy, it is a long time ago, there are plenty of houses and supermarkets now, so if you do not go to the mountain, Yamagata like city people expect I do not mind. What I like privately is Ginzan! You are comfortable indeed. A popular high throat seems to be normal for a year or so! But I think that there are plenty of places to stay so please come along and be sure to be healed