It is Yatsugatake that I want to go to summer.

It is Yatsugatake that I want to go to summer. The air is tasty and the food is delicious. Hiroshi Yagyu actor actor Yagagake club and Mr. Shingo's shop son. It is a spot where you can fully enjoy restaurants, sundries shops, miscellaneous trees, and Yatsugatake. It was not made from the beginning but it was made over many years. Yagyu san expresses the affection for parent and child Yatsugatake. The restaurant has menus such as pasta, sandwiches, drinks, etc. Among them, ""fruit tea"" is recommended. Various fruits are contained in teapots such as apples and oranges, and appearance is also fashionable. The base is black tea, but it fascinates the sweet smell of fruit. I want to have fun while talking slowly. Also nearby is Suntory 's Hakushu Distillery and a confectionary Chateletase factory and you can enjoy a factory tour. After each visit, you can taste beer or sample ice cream and you can feel very profitable. It is recommended to go to Yatsugatake for summer.